Nice & fast Fillable PDF's!

I Will Make Your PDF's Fillable

Hi, I'm Dagmar. I've helped my clients with making their PDF fillable, so their courses and eBooks are even more compelling for their clients.
And I can do the same for you!
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  • I work fast & precise and enjoy delivering quality 
  • You can choose from various different fonts and colors
  • PDF's fillable on your clients laptop or tablet 

Why would you want to have fillable PDF's?!

People work more and more on their laptop, notebook or tablet (and even on their phone). Having their notes at hand at any place they go. When you offer your PDF workbook or eBook to them with a possibility to fill the fields out digitally, you're facilitating them in this in an optimal way.
An extra benefit: less paper and ink is needed, saving money and the environment.

How does it work when you order a fillable PDF?!

You design your own content and lay-out for the workbook/eBook that you create. Then you save the document as PDF. In Fiverr, you buy my gig (with possible extra's) and upload your PDF.
Tell me what font/color (RGB)/size you want the text to be and if you want ticks or X-es for your checkbox. Also, I can add a link to a piece of text that I insert, so if you want a clickable text, tell me what and where.
Here are the fonts I can add: Algerian, Arial, Arial Narrow, Bauhaus 93, Blackadder ICT, Calibri, Calibri Light, Cooper Black, Forte, Georgia, Jokerman, Lucida Calligraphy, Lucida Sans, Old English Text MT, Ravie,
Times New Roman, Wide Latin.
(with this adobe reader, people can fill in the pdf)

Here are some examples of my work:
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More About Me:

I am Dagmar, and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm very creative, and love to play guitar, sing, create videos, design and tinker. Next to that, one of my passions is debating. 
I'm in third grade of bilingual high school education, so more than half of my topics are taught in English. I love to eat some chocolate whilst I watch Netflix (and fancy a lot of the good series that feature there).